A Cyclo Ride

This afternoon we went on a cyclo ride through the French Quarter. Everyone on the ride agreed that it was more exciting, not to say scary than cycling in England. No one takes the slightest notice of traffic lights or concerns themselves with the rules of the road.. Keep right, keep left anything goes. Cut across a stream of traffic if you wish its every cyclo for himself. Strangely we didn’t see one accident.

vietnam 156 from Shirley Horwich on Vimeo.
The streets are literally swarming with motor cycles, scooters and pedal bikes. The motor bikes create a sort of smog and many people wear masks to protect themselves from the pollution. An approaching motor cyclist wearing helmet, goggles and mask is a fairly menacing sight. Of course motor cyclists are obliged by law to wear helmets and some of them actually do!

The law doesn’t seem to apply to children though and it seems common to see a family of parents with two or more children, one perhaps a babe in arms. Mum and Dad wearing helmets and the children including the baby sans helmets and completely vulnerable. Perhaps it is expensive to buy helmets for growing children.

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