Ha Long Bay

6.30a.m. Thai Chi on the sun deck. Actually I got there a bit late but awarded myself full marks for making it at all.
vietnam 267After Thai Chi we embarked on a rowing boat and rowed into some of the caves within these formations. Apparently the caves are inhabited by a rare breed of golden monkeys. We didn’t see any but I can’t say I am sorry about that. By 10.30 a.mm. we were back on Terra Firma after a delightful 24 hours sailing round this beautiful bay.
vietnam 229

vietnam 260
vietnam 262Many Vietnamese spend their time outdoors wearing protection against the elements. I saw many motor cyclists in Hanoi wearing masks and assumed it was protection against pollution, but here in Ha Long a woman selling sunglasses ad drinks from a rowing boat on the sea was wearing a mask. Many folk wear cotton hoodies that are elasticated round the face and under the chin and then wear a mask on top. Even the eyes are covered by goggles so their faces are completely hidden. They look really weird!

The faceless ones!
vietnam 593

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