A Farm Visit

vietnam 401This morning we visited a farm up river where they grow herbs using the same organic methods they have used for generations.


vietnam 397Our host insisted we all wear traditional coolie hats. We thought it was a gimmick but discovered that they were very cool and light to wear and we appreciated that because it was very hot and exposed in the fields.


All the fertilizer used is seaweed from the river and they use a crop rotation system which explains the narrow sections.

vietnam 416A surprise awaited us after our tour of the property. We were invited to soak our feet in wooden bowls of warm water with lemon grass and were treated to a delightful foot and shoulder massage, which was quite delightful and very welcome.


vietnam 418The massage was followed by a lesson in Vietnamese cooking. I was the only member of the group to successfully toss a pancake. (Goldstone show off!).






After all this excitement we were treated to lunch in the garden.

vietnam 420


vietnam 421 from Shirley Horwich on Vimeo.

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