Hue (pronounced Whay)

vietnam 474We arrived in Hue in time for lunch at a French/Vietnamese restaurant. I finally mastered chopsticks. They say that anyone can pick up one peanut with chopsticks, it takes skill to pick up 2 at once and if you can pick up 3 at the same time, you are a master. By that measure I’m still a novice.

vietnam 492Hue used to be the capital city and the Royal Family residence. We visited what used to be the Forbidden City. A lot of it still shows damage from the various wars that raged back and forth, but parts have been restored with UNESCO money and look magnificent. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take photographs in the Throne Room which was the most magnificent.

vietnam 499

vietnam 500

vietnam 496 from Shirley Horwich on Vimeo.



vietnam 495
vietnam 493

vietnam 494

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