A Boat Trip

vietnam 524Today began with a boat trip up river on a traditional houseboat with dragon painted bows.

vietnam 520







We visited numerous tombs housing various Emperors. Most of them entailed climbing 100 steps. I begin to understand why you never see a fat Vietnamese. I just hope I don’t have to sit a history lesson at the end. All I can remember is that an Emperor’s majesty was measured by the number of his wives!vietnam 559

I don’t usually give to beggars but this morning I was touched by the sight of a young woman carrying a horribly deformed child. I gave her 10,000 dong which I thought was about £5. I was mortified to discover later that it was worth about 29p. I suppose I would have been more mortified if it had been £29 but still… Just goes to show how careful you should be with foreign currency.



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