vietnam 623This morning we started the day with a trip to the market. The aisles between the stalls were so narrow that we had to squeeze through sideways.

vietnam 629 vietnam 634


We then visited one of the large Temples. One can buy a mitzvah by paying to have one’s ancestorsvietnam 658 name written on one of these pink slips which are then hung in the Temple.


vietnam 659


Another popular choice is to buy a caged bird and then set it free.



The easiest way to achieve Nirvana for your ancestors is to have an incense stick lit in the Temple. A stick burns for 24 hours. A coil lasts a week but costs more.


vietnam 650


vietnam 652 vietnam 654We didn’t know where we were going for lunch and were surprised to find that our transport was a fleet of ancient ex US army jeeps. We had a wild ride through the Saigon traffic. I hope the video gives some idea of how much fun it was!

vietnam 675 from Shirley Horwich on Vimeo.


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