The Chu Chi Tunnels

vietnam 700This morning we visited the underground tunnels used by the Vietcong guerrillas during the war. Some of the entrances are only big enough for a Vietnamese to enter Some have been enlarged for the tourists. The whole complex whilst very interesting is also very touristy.

Some of the booby traps were pretty horrifying.

vietnam 710 vietnam 708

vietnam 717For $20 I was permitted to try my hand with an AK47. I don’t think I killed anyone. Actually I don’t think I got anywhere near the target!

vietnam 727A few of us took the opportunity to go down to the second level. Thanks to my Pilates I was able to walk crouched down long enough to make it through, because once down there is no room to turn round, so no going back. Visitors are warned not to go in the tunnel if they have bad knees or backs, or if they are over 70. It was a stupid thing for me to do and I really don’t know what possessed me.  It was hot as hell down there and the humidity was terrible.

And please exit through the shop! Amazing how communists and capitalists manage to do business together.

vietnam 730

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