The Village

We visited a local village this afternoon. The people live on and off the river. The shacks are actuavietnam 871lly floating fish farms. The shed floats on old oil drums and a net is suspended beneath it. The small fry come in to feed off the rice that is dropped in daily. As they get bigger they can’t swim out so can be farmed when big enough.

vietnam 865 vietnam 866vietnam 873

trim.FE4648E6-4644-401F-9954-539925C760DE from Shirley Horwich on Vimeo.



The women of the village weave sleeping mats. They squat like this for 10 hours a day and didn’t understand what I was talking about when I asked if they get arthritic hips.

The children loved to have their photos taken.

vietnam 875 vietnam 874The old folk seemed equally happy to see us and to pose for photos.

vietnam 894 vietnam 895

The men of the village having finished work for the day were down at the pub. Only one of our group was brave inough to accept their invitation to join them for a drink. We had tasted the local brew before and once was enough!

vietnam 888

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    Ok, I think I’m on my way now


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