Arrived safe!

The first surprise was that the flight was chartered exclusively for passengers on the ship. This was the first intimation at how big the ship is. It is much bigger and much smarter than I expected. There was a very tedious embarkation process, quite tiring and frustrating.  We finally boarded at 8.00p.m. local time. my cabin is just about big enough to swing the ship’s cat, big enough for me anyway. Adequate cupboard space and plenty hangars, so that’s OK! The WIFI seems a bit erratic.


I am presently in the Observation Lounge. The lights have gone out in the Lounge and the town behind us looks like fairyland, sparkling lights all the way up the hill of Bergen. I didn’t see much of Bergen as it was already dark when I arrived. The lights have gone out because we are about to raise anchor and go to sea.image

I have eaten well at a Buffet dinner and I am now going to go on deck to see us set out to sea.

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6 Responses to Arrived safe!

  1. Pam says:

    Great to hear from you. Can’t wait for further details of your adventure!


  2. Pam says:

    It sounds like you had an exhausing day yesterday. I hope the views when you woke this morning were worth it!


  3. Wow …this WordPress thingy is tough work to get going !!! Hmmm, still think just doing a Facebook blog, as before, might be easier to follow for your various Luddite friends and family ! However, looks like it’s going to be an amazing trip, if you meet any rampaging Vikings…remember, ‘they don’t like it up ’em’!


  4. mummycram says:

    Pleased to hear that you arrived in one piece and everything looks satisfactory
    Looking forward to hearing what happens next x


  5. Emily says:

    glad to hear you arrived and all gone smoothly! X


  6. leila says:

    Shirl, so glad you’re safely aboard. Have a great time! Leila


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