Day 4 Crossing the Line

26th February Day 4

We crossed the Arctic circle at 7.18 this morning. The announcement woke me and I was greeted by a magnificent dawn sky. The landscape here is different from yesterday, all sharp peaks and more snow. It is also quite a bit colder today and I shall need my thermals, at last!









At 10.00 a.m. There was a crossing the line ceremony outside on the upper deck. King Neptune arrived and anointed first timers with a ladleful of ice and water down the back of their necks. I’m ready to have a go at most things but icy water down the back of my neck? No thank you. I just took photos of those who were sporting (silly) enough to do it. A surprising number I may say! I have booked go on a hike this afternoon. We stop at a town called Bodo and the scenery apparently is worth seeing.
imageThe hike was good. The guide insisted that everyone wore spikes and carried spiked ski poles. They were necessary as most of the time we were walking on packed ice. I am usually a bit of a wimp on snow or ice but the spikes made a difference and I was quite confident. The guide was quite knowledgable and stopped a few times to give us background information on the geology of the area and the history of the Wikings.
The temperature reads 3o but the wind is very strong so the chill factor makes it feel more like -3o!



I like the loft insulation!





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