Trondheim Day 3

25th February Day3

This morning we moored at Trandheim fro 7 a.m. till midday. I walked into the town which proved to be fairly undistinguished with the exception of its cathedral which had the most exceptional stonework all over its exterior. Each elevation was covered with figures each one different. imageMany of the gargoyles were quite wicked looking. I suspect that the masons must have had some fun carving them. I didn’t go inside, not having a great interest in church architecture, but spent the time looking for the local Shul. I was surprised to se a Synagogue marked on the map as being next door to the cathedral but I suspect that the local Jewish community must have moved on because none of the buildings where it might have been turned out to be a Shul. I wandered the area looking at all the door posts but not a mezuzah to be seen.
The big surprise here is that it really isn’t cold. In the sun it is quite warm and even in the shade it isn’t cold enough to need the thermals purchased at great expense specially for the ‘frozen north’.
Perhaps it will be colder when we cross the Arctic Circle early tomorrow morning.image

This afternoon we have been travelling though some amazing scenery. Very wild and bleak. Grey rocky cliffs topped with a very light sprinkling of snow. This is quite a big ship and it is extraordinary how it slips through the narrowest of spaces between rocks. At times I felt that I could have touched the rocks on either side. Going through the Panama Canal must be a bit like this except that in places the cliffs tower over the ship

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