Day 5 Tromso


imageDay 5 Tromso

Tromso turns out to be a lively town. Like most of the towns here it is a fishing town but it is also a popular ski resort. From the ship the quayside and the streets appeared to be deep in packed ice and I was a bit nervous to go into town on my own. However when I did venture I was pleased to find that the pavements were mostly very well gritted. In one area were there was no grit I again used my spikes. They were well worth bringing. In places the snow was piled up 10 or 12 feet high but places were slushy just like home.



It has been very mild here for the past week. I did a bit of shopping here as well. I suspect that it is the only place on the trip where there are any shops to speak of. Everything seems very expensive though.
I went to the Tourist Info office to ask if there was an Internet cafe. There isn’t! However he let me connect to his Internet and I quickly posted the last 3 days notes. Pictures may have to wait till I get home. I shall probably go back to the Tourist office on our way back so I will keep the notes up to date.

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