Day 7 March 1st Kirkenes

Day 7 1st March

We have just returned from an excellent trip. First we visited the husky kennels. 148 working huskies plus about a dozen puppies. The dogs were very excited to see visitors and enjoyed being made a fuss of. They were extremely friendly.





At the same site there were also reindeer including a rare white one. These creatures are kept just for show. Apparently only Sami people (I.e. A race native to Scandinavian polar regions) are allowed to breed and work reindeer.

There is also a snow hotel in this area, which we visited. Quite spectacular, all the bedrooms were decorated with different carvings in the walls of snow. Interesting to see but I was not tempted to stay overnight, although one couple did opt for an overnighter and we left them there.

The highlight was the husky sledge ride. It was basically a plastic tray on runners. We went in twos, the front passenger snuggled in a most intimate fashion between the legs of the rear passenger. The sledge was pulled by eight huskies. We sledged through the woods and over a frozen fiord. The front passenger had nothing between him and the ice other than the sheet of plastic and the ride through the woods was pretty bumpy. My partner and I changed places half way so we both ended up with numb bums!

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2 Responses to Day 7 March 1st Kirkenes

  1. Barry and Sylvia says:

    Sounds so interesting , we hope you have now defrosted ! Love Sylvia and Barry xx


  2. Pam says:

    you are certainly having a holiday with a difference.


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