Day 9 Harstad to Sortland


At 11pm. Last night, Quite unexpectedly, we heard the announcement, ” the lights SWW”. It was totally unexpected because the conditions were far from perfect. There was a fair bit of cloud around and there was a moon together with light pollution from a town on the nearby shore.
Nevertheless the lights were visible in the sky ahead of the ship. Not the intense green we see in photographs but yellow and pink streaks looking much like the dawn sky that I would see over the IntracoAstal on the way to early golf in Sarasota. As we watched a sort of hologram floated across the light, a spinning corkscrew hovering back and forth across in front of the pink sky.

This morning I joined a bus tour from Harstad( pronounced Hoshtar) to Sortland. We visited an ancient church on the way and at present I am in the obligatory museum and souvenir shop waiting for the coach to take us over the ferry to join our ship.



After leaving the museum we were taken on a scenic bus ride through some wonderful scenery, mountains, lakes and lots of snow. Part of the tour was on a ferry which took us along one of the fiords, very beautiful. The bus driver timed it very well and we crossed the final bridge just as our ship was passing beneath us. Much waving and cheering. All part of the Hurtigruten service.


I grabbed myself a chair in the ace position in the Observation Lounge for this afternoons sail through a very narrow fiord. It was a dreamlike experience sailing almost silently through the glasslike water between towering snow covered rock on each side.





I have just spent the last hour and a half on deck watching an extraordinary show of the Aurora. It was hard to know which part of the sky to look at as the lights were ever moving, constantly changing. The green curtains that we have all seen in photographs were sweeping across the sky, sometimes more vivid on the port side sometimes starboard.
This was the wonder of a rainbow multiplied many times. Many of the passengers were running about the deck with cameras and tripods desperate to photograph the ballet in the sky. I left my camera in the cabin. The sight was too rare to spend the short time it lasted worrying about getting a photo. So I have no photos of the Northern Lights to show you. They are a sight you need to experience for yourself!

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2 Responses to Day 9 Harstad to Sortland

  1. mummycram says:

    Found you again. I don’t know why I have not been getting notifications but now I can see it all x


  2. Helen says:

    Sounds wonderful, and lucky to get a good sighting of Aurora…Enjoy.


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