Volendam and Edam

imageWhilst we had lunch the ship travelled through the locks into the Ijslmeer which we used to call the Zuiderzee. It is now a freshwater lake but today the wind was blowing so hard it looked like a sea to me! We moored at Volendam and went ashore to explore this very quaint town. Judging by the sign my family has been here before. Hard to see on the photo but the sign indicates Family Simons!

imageThere were crowds of tourists on the dyke as today is a Bank Holiday here but the guide took us away from the waterfront through very narrow little ginnels to see the real Volendam.

We then took the coach to Edam which is also very quaint and was much quieter.



All the time the wind was blowing a gale. The sun was shining most of the time but due to the wind I was glad to have my fleece jacket and hat! Of course Edam is where the cheese comes from so we visited a cheese museum.

We were encouraged to taste the cheese and surprise, surprise, it tasted very much as it does from Tesco!

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