The morning spent in Arnhem was very moving. We visited the Battlefields of Arnhem and also an excellent Museum which explained the Battle of Arnhem, the famous “Bridge too Far”.

Like  Dunkirk Arnhem was a defeat! Mistakes were made and the loss of life was terrible. The local civilians suffered dreadfully and parts of the town were completely flattened. The entire area now having been completely reconstructed is modern and the area is wooded and very beautiful. Quite pastoral and peaceful with many thatched houses and lush green fields supporting horses and cows very peacefully.

Over 1700 graves in the War Cemetary. All young men, the oldest we saw was 29 years old. Many of them engraved “A Soldier Known To God”


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  1. emily says:

    Sounds like you are having a very busy time! Make sure to get some pictures of you and Aunty Maureen too! Xx


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