Ghent and Bruges


Today the sun shone for the first time and I was able to remove my heavy fleece jacket! We were all happy to see the sunshine especially as we did two different tours today.

This morning we went to Ghent, a beautiful medieval town with numerous 15th and16th century buildings.


We had a particularly good and enthusiastic guide today and he was very good at explaining the different architectural styles and the life that people lived here in the past. Many of the figures on these baroque buildings tell a story, usually with moralising and religious themes.




We had some free time and wandered around enjoying the sunshine and the atmosphere. We came across this elaborately decorated building and as it was open went inside.A number of people were standing around taking no notice of us, we only gradually realised that we had gatecrashed a wedding. Hasty withdrawal!





image image image image image image

We then had an hours drive to Bruges! Bruges had its golden age in the 12th and 13th centuries but as the sea receded it was left as a sort of backwater and the buildings were left untouched and virtually intact for centuries. It is now a magnet for tourists! I would like to come back to Bruges sometime in the winter because it was difficult to really appreciate the beauty and interest of the place due to the crowds of tourists!

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3 Responses to Ghent and Bruges

  1. Pam says:

    Both towns look so interesting.


  2. Lynda says:

    It looks beautiful.


  3. I visited Bruges in December and there were pretty Christmas markets and hardly any tourists! I always read posts about people having to queue for things, and I had none of that! If you can get there in the winter, I’d definitely recommend it!


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