Back in Amsterdam

There were a couple of choices for tours yesterday afternoon, but I opted to have a walk in Amsterdam by myself. I wanted to visit the flower market to buy some bulbs. One of the guys selling bulbs advised me not to buy tulip bulbs as it is the wrong time of the year. Instead I bought a number of fancy bulbs for my tubs.

It was a glorious Sunday afternoon and all of Amsterdam seemed to be out on the street, in the cafes and just strolling. There were many musicians and the atmosphere was delightful!

This morning we finished packing and again went for a walk in Amsterdam. What a change from yesterday! All the litter and rubbish from yesterday was waiting to be cleared away and the streets seemed quite sleazy!

I took my innocent sister in law through the old town. She was positively shocked at the shop windows. Neither of us could understand why the surgical medical suppliers shold be displaying their wares in the centre of town and the seeds and plants would have been better off sold in the garden centres! The young women shop assistants did not seem to be wearing suitable clothing either!

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