Sorry for the long silence. I stupidly forgot to bring my Apple chargers and I used all the batteries reading my book on the plane. I used the last gasp on the phone to send emails but I’m not sure you received them. The flight was quite uneventful, I had a very pleasant neighbour who lives here in Lima. He is Vice President of an Austrian Casino company. On the journey from the Airport, I noticed that there are numerous Casinos and I asked about them. Apparently it is common knowledge that the Casinos are covers for money laundering and drug dealing. He seemed so nice!
The last half hour of the flight I was fascinated by the sight of the Mighty Andes. They were jutting up through the cloud cover and seemed to go on forever.image


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1 Response to Arrived!

  1. Pam says:

    Glad you arrived safely. Great photos.


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