More Cuzco!

As we left the market our day was just beginning! We were taken by minibus up, up, up into the mountains to the site of the ancient temple of Saqawaman. Once more we found the construction most impressive. The granite stones were massive and built by fitting them together like a giant jigsaw puzzle. The granite comes from 27 kilometres away and how they were brought here by a people who had not yet discovered the wheel, and how they were worked to fit as they do or how lifted into position boggles the imagination. I would say that the  site compares with the pyramids.imageimage



Once again the symmetry and exactitude of the measurements is amazing!

We walked around the site to an outcropping of rock from where we were able to look down on Cuzco. We could see the airstrip and could appreciate the skill of the pilots who land there and we could see our hotel.




We then went for lunch. We have had some excellent food here. Lunch today was superlative the choice and presentation was quite outstanding. I ordered a dessert of chocolate truffles with passion fruit sauce. The sauce was in a small glass made of sugar which the waiter smashed over the truffles to great applause!

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