Moving on!

It turns out that Lima was just an overnight stopover on the way to Cuzco. All I saw of Lima was the road to and from the airport. The little I saw was most unattractive! We come back to Lima later in the trip so hopefully we will see a better side.
We flew up into the Andes this morning. It is a bit like being thrown in at the high end! As we came in to land I held my breath because I couldn’t see any area flat enough to land a plane. Fortunately the pilot had better eyesight than me, he dodged all the peaks and landed the Airbus on a tiny hadkerchief of a runway.(Looked tiny to me anyway). We are 3800 metres altitude here. The atmosphere is thin and the humidity is zero. Our leader, Anthony, gave us a lecture on coping with the altitude;
Rule 1. Drink lots of water.( not easy for me )
Rule 2. Avoid alcohol.( no problem)
Rule 3. Walk slowly and take it easy!(easy peasy)
Rule 4. Drink coca tea.
Rule 5. Eat lots of chocolate!
So far we are all being good and no one has succumbed.
Cuzco is a delightful town. Fairly compact and easy to walk around. The biggest industry here is tourism and the locals are happy to walk around in local costume and have their photos taken. Early start tomorrow, Good night!


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1 Response to Moving on!

  1. Naomi Tschoegl says:

    High altitude can take some getting used to – but it sounds well worth it!


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