Galapagos 3


Overnight the ship travelled to a different island, Espanola.  We went ashore for a walk across the island which is a paradise for birds and birdwatchers. The walking here was really rough, no path at all just enormous boulders.


In places the iguanas were thick on the ground. We saw numerous albatross’ . The wildlife are all totally unafraid of people and they carry on their lives ignoring us.


We watched a pair of albatross courting display. Apparently they mate for life. This pair would choose each other this year but would not mate until they return to the island next year.

The walk was very rough in places most of the way we were climbing over enormous rocks. In one part of the coast we came across a blowhole, where the sea comes into spaces in the lava rock, builds up tremendous pressure then expels the water in an immense fountain.Spectacular!

In another place we saw a lizard eating a centipede. The centipede was still alive. Our naturalist guide got very excited at this apparently rare sight. Life is tough everywhere!
After lunch we went out again on the panga. For about half an hour we played hide and seek with a hump backed whale and her calf. To see 20 tons of this mammal breeching the surface and blowing like this was an amazing and incredible bonus. I didn’t even attempt to get photos, i knew I was not going to be quick enough.

Afterwards we went round the coast in a glass bottom boat and saw hundreds of the kind of fish Dad and Jonathan used to pay fortunes for. All kinds of brilliant colours. We then attracted the attention of a pair of sea lions. They are very curious creatures and totally tame. They played about under the boat, nuzzling up to the glass.


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3 Responses to Galapagos 3

  1. Rae says:

    I’m really enjoying your messages ,the photos are great. Keep up the good work And enjoy it all it sounds like an amazing trip


  2. mummycram says:

    Sounds absolutely fabulous, though I imagine Raymond would find it really exciting.


  3. Naomi Tschoegl says:

    We are so jealous – what an exciting trip!


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