The Galapagos 2

8/8/15 7.00a.m.
I have just been fitted with wet suit and flippers. We are going snorkelling after breakfast.

By 9.00a.m. we had landed ashore on an isolated little sandy beach to be greeted by several sea lions, who studiously ignored us and a couple of marine iguanas.






In small groups we trekked up the cliff. Very steep in places and quite rough underfoot. We were led by a naturalist from the ship who pointed out many things of interest along the way.



The birds seemed oblivious to us. At one point a blue footed booby was feeding her chick completely undisturbed by our presence. Another booby was incubating her eggs by protecting them from the sun with her body.






The climb down was harder than going up and I was happy to accept the occasional steadying hand from one of the young men. When we returned to the beach we were ready for a dip in the sea. Regretfully I have to admit that I couldn’t get the hang of snorkelling but the sea was lovely for a swim and though I was never tempted to swim with dolphins in Florida, here we were swimming with numerous sea lions
They were very playful, I think they thought we were sea lions!

After lunch there was an illustrated talk about the geology of the Galapagos explaining why they are the way they and why the islands are so different from each other. Then we went out again for a trip along the coast in a panga(zodiac) in order to see the different rock formations that he had just been explaining.

Eventually we made a wet landing at the most beautiful beach. None of us wanted to swim again, so we wandered along the beach communing with the sea lions, pelicans and boobies!


The evenings entertainment was a David Attenborough film on the Galapagos.

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