Galapagos 4


Overnight the ship sailed to a third island, Santa Cruz, the sea was very rough all night. Several of the group had a bad night as a result, but TG I was unaffected. We have an early start as we are to visit the Charles Darwin Research Station before we fly back to the mainland.

7.05a.m. We have just landed on Santa Cruz. The sea this morning was so choppy that I doubt that the skipper was happy about us landlubbers using the pangas and we were certainly not happy but there was no choice. Getting into the panga was pretty exciting as the waves were lifting and dropping the pangas 10 to 12 feet each wave. It was a question of wait till the panga reaches the same level as the ship and jump! Everyone managed it with no worse damage than wet bottoms and shoes.

We were taken to the research Station where we saw numerous giant tortoises. Apparently there are 10 different species of tortoise, each found on a different island. The breeding programme carefully keeps the different species apart. However it takes a naturalist to tell them apart. They all looked like ET to me!

image image
The airport was reached by driving across the island and taking a ferry to Baltra which used to be a military station but is now a very basic domestic airport.


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