This morning we1eft Quito in the rush hour. It seems that the traffic got so bad here that new rules were introduced 2 years ago. During the rush hour only vehicles with registration numbers ending 1 and 2 were permitted on Monday, 3 and 4 on Tuesday etc. This worked well for a while until there was a boom in cheap second hand cars and now there are twice as many cars and the congestion is twice as bad. We are travelling south on a part of the Pan American Highway. The Highway stretches from Alaska in the north to Patagonia in the south. The part we are using is called the Road of the Volcanoes because there are volcanoes either side of the road.



We travelled to the Cotopaxi NationalPark. .Cotopaxi is the highest volcano in the world and it is still active. It is permanently covered in snow and today it was mainly covered in cloud also.



We parked the coach beside a lake after climbing to about 3900metres and walked partway around the lake. There was a strong and cold wind at this altitude and I was feeling a bit breathless due to the altitude so I didnt walk very far.

It is really surprising to me that although we are in the tropics, practically on the Equator, it is d—-d cold!. It is the altitude of course, but who could guess? I have brought totally the wrong clothes!!!

Tonight we are staying in the strangest hosteria. It rambles all over the place up and down stone steps and all over the corriders are the oddest collection of old gubbins that you ever saw.

The confessional is right outside my bedroom door, so if I get up to mischief I can sort things out quite easily.

I understand that we will not have any internet for 2 or 3 days so I will make notes as we go along and catch up when I can.

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1 Response to Cotopaxi!

  1. Emily says:

    All sounds fantastic. Imagine if they allocated the roads in England on rush hour!!! Hope you haven’t got yourself into too much mischief – but a bit never harmed anyone! What a shame that you have the wrong clothes. You will have tp take a bit of everything on your next trip! Lots of love xx


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