Could get too exciting!

At 4a.m. this morning and again at 10.30a.m. there were explosions from Cotopaxi, the volcano whose slopes we visited three days ago. The National  Park has been closed as there is a great deal of ash and a major eruption is possible. We were spared that excitement!

However we have had our own problems! By the time we had dodged the road blocks, we reached the hotel at 8.30p.m. A lovely hotel in Cuenca where they had a meal waiting for us. Today we had to get to Guayaquil in time for a flight to Lima but our leader was concerned that we may be delayed by road blocks again. Consequently we cut short our tour of Cuenca, missing out on all the churches and visiting only the Cathedral where a very hip service was proceeding complete with Simon and Garfunkel music!



A bit of retail therapy at a wonderful hat factory. Some gorgeous hats but all too big for me!



We then had a drive over the high Andes reaching over 4000 metres at times. Well above the tree line and above the clouds for much of the time. Dramatic and spectacular!


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2 Responses to Could get too exciting!

  1. mummycram says:

    Wouldn’t they make it to measure?


  2. horwichs says:

    It takes 3 weeks to make a hat. I think I want to come home before that.


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