This is the way to travel! You folk who stay in 5 star palaces don’ t know what you are missing.

So far we have had the 5 star treatment, but here in Chiclayo the best hotel, which is where we are can hardly stretch to 3! In addition I seem to have drawn the short straw roomwise because virtually nothing in this room works. It would be too much trouble to change the room and we are only here one more night so I am being stoic!

On the plus side the dinner last night was excellent.

This morning we visited an archeological site. The tombs of Sipan. It is a fairly newly discovered site and was really interesting. In the opened tombs were replicas of the artifacts they had discovered there.


I hadnt realised that there were several earlier civilisations here than the Incas. This site together with a small museum at the site had artifacts and mummies dating back to hundreds of years BC.
We then went to the local market as Sunday is shopping day here. The market was heaving selling everything fom televisions to fish. There was a large section devoted to herbal remedies and voodoo objects. Not as colourful as the market we saw in Equador because no one here wears folk dress but interesting in a different way.





Mescalin plant available on many counters but not recommended to take without advice from the witch doctor.


And one for Rob!

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