We stayed the night at the Airport hotel? Not a good hotel by any means but it had the great advantage of being directly across from arrivals!
This morning a tour of Lima. The city improves on acquaintance, some lovely old buildings with those filigree balconies one sees in pictures and some spacious squares. A Cathedral of course, this time with some enormous mosaic pictures of the conquistadore’s arrival in Peru. I left after the mosaics, enough already with the churches!

There was a festival of some sort going on outside the Presidential palace. I swear its all done for the tourists but the costumes are gorgeous.






We Then visited the Gold Museum. It had two sections . All the artifacts had been dug up and there were tens of thousands of artifacts. Armoury which didn’t interest me greatly but also gold artifacts and mummies.

I don’t  think the intricacy of the gold work is in the same class as the Tutenkhamen treasures but the sheer quantity of the artifacts is astonishing!


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