This is more like it!  We arrived in Arequipa at about 2 pm. I instantly loved this place. It is fairly high altitude so there is no humidity. The light is amazing I think due to the fact that it is surrounded by high snow covered volcanos!




We were told that the area experiences an average of 8 small earth tremors every day, but not to worry, they are only small. However all public buildings restaurants etc. have safe areas. We should look for a large green S. Not to worry us of course but we need to know.

The snow capped volcanos can be seen from most places in the town so it gives the feel of an alpine resort. The sun however is fierce. We are still very close to the Equator and because the air is thin at this altitude the sun burns stronger.

We had a tour of the city. We went into the obligitory Cathedral and to a couple of viewpoints. Just travelling through these places one sees fascinating local colour!


We then toured a 15th century convent. It could be described as a city within a city. A closed order of nuns were living here until the 1970’s. They continue to live a closed existence in a modern convent which of course we were not permitted to enter. The convent was complete with kitchens, laundry, hospital and everything a woman might need including a “mikveh”!

image image


After the tour we returned to the. Hotel for lunch beside the pool and a relaxing afternoon.

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4 Responses to Arequipa!

  1. Pam says:

    Your trip is absolutely fascinating. I am so enjoying your photos and commentary


  2. Emily says:

    Looks like the most amazing trip! I knew I should have hidden in your suitcase!!!!


  3. Naomi Tschoegl says:

    What an amazing trip this has been!


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