Colca Valley!

Colca Lodge can best be described as rural. It is built up the side of a volcano and it is on a very steep slope. No two parts of the lodge are are the same level and they are connected by very uneven and steep stone steps. The steps would be a challenge at any time but with an altitude of 3500 metres they are an achievement.

This morning we drove again through exceptional lanscape, our objective was the Colca Canyon. Condor nest on the slopes of the canyon and in the mornings they can often be seen using the thremals. We were lucky and saw many of these most majestic birds. Their wingspan can reach more than three metres and they glide on the thermals, a most rare sight!

image image image

Regretfully no decent photos of the condor. It would take a better photographer than I to capture this moving swooping target!

Of course there were many tourists with the same objective and where there are tourists there are natives trying to sell them tat! On the way back we stopped several times for photo opportunities and to visit a couple of markets.

image [

This is a lansdscape in flux. The road we took disappeared in places due to recent lands
Ides. Earth tremors are common and an active volcano overlooks the Lodge where we are staying. We can see smoke emitting from it but apparently it is always like that. If the natives dont worry why should I?


We reurned to the Lodge for a BBQlunch served in a cabin beside the thermal hot springs.

image image

One of the group who joined us in Quito had a bad cold. Of course it has worked its way round the group and reached me a couple of days ago. The doctor has been busy but seems to have an endless supply of decongestants and paracetamol!

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  1. Naomi Tschoegl says:

    Sorry to hear about your cold, but at least the altitude hasn’t bothered you. It sounds as though you are still having a great time – I would love to see the wools!


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