Puno and Lake Titicaca!


We left The Colca Valley and travelled across the continental divide that is created by a line of volcanos. Again wonderful scenery changing now to scrubby desert like plateau.

At 4415metres we stopped at a mountain lake for a picnic.


Puno apparently is a town of no distinction whatsoever and we drove straight through it to our hotel that was situated on an island in the lake connected to the mainlad by a bridge.

The following morning we boarded a boat at the hotel jetty and travelled about 40 minutes to one of the floating islands. There are abot 90 of these islands man made from reeds. The people who live on them are a distinct ethnic group with their own language. They originally went to live on the water when the Incas invaded the area,, about 600 years ago. They were lovely people, they demonstated how they made the islands and invited us into their huts. They insisted that one of our group dressed up in their national dress. I’ m glad they didnt pick on me. We felt obliged to buy some bits and pieces of their handicrafts but as there is no room in my case I am not bringing it home.imageimage


After our visit, we were given a choice, a tough walk, a moderate walk or go straight to the restaurant for lunch and wait fot the others. Because of my cold and the altitude  I chose the latter which still involved a killing climb through fields where the local folk were oing about their business. Tending sheep and tiny lambs or building a new house with mud bricks etc. i should have taken some photos but the walk involved all my attention.

The restaurant had laid on  a typica Ibizenca for us!





Toomorrow Bolivia!



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