The Journey to La Paz!

We left the Hotel at Lake Titicaca and travelled by bus to Copacabana, which is the border between Peru and Bolivia.


Part of the Lake is in Peru and part in Bolivia, the percentages in each are disputed. However the Bolivian guide told us that the Titi is in Bolivia only the caca in Peru!

It was like a Fiesta at the border. Crowds and crowds of people going back and forth over the border. There was an International Christian Festival going on so umpteen South American bands, dancers crowds of people everywhere.

After getting through emigration on one side and immigration 50 yards further on, we walked through the town of Copacabana. Incidentally this is the real one, forget Barry Manilow and Rio!


This one was as colourful as one could wish. We visited the church naturally and were fascinated by the car blessing ceremony. Cars line up, buy decorations to dress the car with flowers bunting etc. and a Priest sprinkles it and blesses it. Hopefully this helps with the accident rate!

When we reached the little harbour we boarded a Catamaran which took us across the Lake.

The cat was very comfortable and we had an excellent lunch on board.

The Catamaran stopped at Sun Island where there is an Inca museum but 260 steps to climb. I opted out but went for a sail on a reed boat. The boat is a replica of Thor Heyerdahls boat and one of the guys running the boat was a grandson of one of the men who built Thors boat. You youngsters can google Thor Heyerdahl!.

We were invited to try our hand at rowing the boat and I volunteered. I didn’t expect that they would dress me up for the part, but they did fancy hat and poncho!

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