Homeward Bound!

We began the first step of our homeward journey with a short flight from Sucre back to La Paz. Once again over 4000metres. We had several hours in La Paz and spent it by taking a trip on the Telepherique. It was installed at great expense to relieve the terrible traffic problem here. It seems an excellently designed system but the traffic is still a joke!

From the lagondas it was possible to begin to get some idea of the extent of this city and the mountainous terrain that it is spread around!



After our trip we had lunch at a very nice restaurant and then it was time to return to the airport for the flight to Santiago, Chile.

We had been told previously that relations between Bolivia and Chile were somewhat fraught but hadnt realised that it would affect us. Before we were permitted to check in we had to fill in 3 seperate forms. Finally we boarded the plane for an e pected 4 hour flight. One hour into the flight the plane landed in the middle of the Atacama Desert at a deserted airport just over the Chilean border. All foreighn nationals, about 300 people had to leave the plane, go through immigration, then reboard for the rest of the journey. What a pantomime! Consequently we didnt arrive at our hotel until midnight.

Next. step flight back to Europe tomorrow, arriving around Sunday lunchtime. I am already feeling the benefit of the lower altitude, I would think twice about visiting high altitudes in future!

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1 Response to Homeward Bound!

  1. Naomi Tschoegl says:

    Landing in a desert for passport control. Now that’s one we’ve never experienced. Sounds as if you have had a wonderful trip even if the altitude was a problem. We are seriously jealous.


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