The weather today is once again glorious. A clear blue sky, warm sunshine but a fresh tingle in the air!


Melk is a tiny town on the Danube, its claim to fame is a 900 year old Benedictine Monastery which we visited this morning. The monastery complex is vast and depends on its visitors of whom there are about 1,000,00 a year. There is a school in part of the complex and an exhibition showing the life of the monastery over the centuries.


The style is high gothic. The gilded carvings and the decorated ceilings  are well worth the visit.




The monastery is built on an enormous rock and it dominates the village. We were warned that there were 64 steps up to it, so I opted to go with the elderly and infirm in a minivan, but I walked back, a lovely walk through the village and the wintry woods.


Beside the dock was an inn. Marks on the wall indivated the levels to which the Danube has flooded over the years.


Clearly flooding has been going on for years.  I dont remember sing plastic bags back in the 1960,s so the floods then must have had some other cause!

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2 Responses to Melk.

  1. mummycram says:

    What was that about plastic bags?


  2. Emily says:

    looks like you are getting some good weather! xx


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