It’s Christmas Day and we spent it in Salzburg, the birthplace of Mozart and the city where Haydn wrote many of his symphonies. More importantly it is the area where The Sound of Music was filmed. Our guide seemed to think that we were all obsessed with this 60 year old film and truthfully I think some of the guests were.

We left the ship in Linz and travelled through beautiful countryside to Salzburg.


We made a detour to visit a pretty little church where Maria (or rather Julie Andrews)was filmed marrying Capt Von Trapp.


On arrival at our dstination we began a walking tour of the city which was most rewarding as Salzburg is a beautiful city with narrow alleys and some beautiful shops. The main street was distinguished by ironwork signs showing the products available in each shop.

  1.  image

After a while a few of us left the organised tour and we took the funicular to the fortress overlooking the city.


From the fortress we had amazing views over the city and beyond to the Bavarian Alps.



Despite it being Christmas Day many shops and restaurants were open. We had lunch at a restaurant at the fortress and then returned to the town on the funicular in good time to rejoin the tour.

It was a good bus ride back to rejoin the ship which had moved in our absence. We are now in Germany and are on our way to Regensburg. After dinner the ship’s company dressed up and gave a carol concert. Then Santa arrived with gifts for evryone. It all started to get a bit riotous so I have returned to my cabin for a good nights sleep.

The weather remains ridiculously warm and sunny. As always I have brought the wrong clothes. I don’t need my fur lined boots but could make good use of my sunglasses.



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  1. Emily says:

    I hope you did some singing in the hills!!!


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