Boxing Day.

Once again a glorious sunny morning. The frost on the sundeck and the bare branches on the riverbank are the clues that show that this is midwinter!image

I stood on deck to watch as the crew brought the ship through  a lock. The men handling the lines all wore life jackets which once again made me wonder at the casual way that we brought our family through locks on the Oxford Canal many years ago! These are modern commercial locks. The lines are attached to floating bollards that rise as the water rises.




This afternoon a walking tour of Regensburg. I had been led to expect a charming Bavarian town with narrow cobbled alleys. The alleys and the cobbles were there but I found it lacking in charm. The ancient stone bridge was undergoing restoration and I found The town quite disappointing!



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1 Response to Boxing Day.

  1. mummycram says:

    Didn’t we go to Salzburg many years ago?


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