Danube/Main Canal

Last night a few of us enjoyed a very fine meal at the speciality restaurant on board.


Until last night we were travelling up river  on the Danube. The Danube runs from the Black Forest to the Black Sea through numerous East European countries. Sometime during the night we left the Danube and joined this immense construction of the Danube/Main Canal. It was only completed about 50 years ago and is quite different to the Victorian constructed canals that we spent several holidays on when we had young children. The canal links  the Black Sea to the North Sea and cost some 25 billion US dollars.

We marked leaving the Danube with Blue Danube cocktails all round.   11a.m. may seem a little early for alcohol, but different rules apply on board ship.


Some of the locks are  massive and are very cleverly constructed. As the canal doesn’t follow any existing river it has to use stored water to fill the many ( and very deep, 25 m )locks. The technology is clever and expensive, the lock gates are engineering on a herculean scale. If the construction ever makes economic sense it will be due to cruise ships like this one, although tourism was not even considered at the time the canal was planned.



Many of the passengers on this cruise are leaving the ship tomorrow in Nuremburg.

A few of us are staying on board and we will begin to travel downstream on the Main and then the Rhine.

This afternoon we had a walking tour of Nuremburg. The city was established way back in Roman times and there is the remains of a fortress and many half timbered medieaval buildings. Apparently the city was badly destroyed in WW11 so most of the buildings are restorations. Not surprisingly there was a housing crisis after the war so there are many ugly 1950’s apartment blocks also.




The speciality here is sausages and gingerbread. I don’t eat sausages but tried the gingerbread. 6 out of 10!

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3 Responses to Danube/Main Canal

  1. Barbara says:

    Ha! Don’t blame you – stick with the gingerbread!!!!!! Sounds like you are having an interesting and fun time – happy new year from us both xxx


  2. Emily says:

    cocktails at 11am… whatever next! I suppose it is Xmas! The restaurant looks lovely. Hope you had a wonderful meal. xx


  3. goldustwin says:

    Enjoying reading your blog and the voyage we shared together. Happy memories of our special meal at the Chef’s table, and our other explorations, including our Funicular ride…. Anne Guerriero


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