Today the ship was moored all day in Nuremburg. Many passengers were departing and many new arrivals were expected. About 15 of those of us who were staying with the ship began a trip to Munich. We left the ship at about 9 a.m. and proceeded to the railway station where we boarded the high speed bullet train to Munich.


We travelled at 350 kmh.i.e. 270 mph to Munich, I have to confess that this was the smoothest ride I ever experienced.

On arrival in Munich we had a walking tour of a very lively city. Munich is famous for its beer and its sausages.  I am really not fond of sauseges but they are inescapable here. This is a whole street of sausage shops.



I saw sausages I never even dreamed of.


Sausages large, small, fat, thin curly and straight. All kinds of sausages. I’m not really a beer drinker either but we had lunch in a beerkeller so when in Munich……..


The stained glass windows demonstrate what is expected.


So we obliged!


Our guide managed to get us to the main square in time for the famous glockenspiel performance. I hope you are able to appreciate it. Filming it is difficult as it is very high!

image image image

I really enjoyed Munich although I didnt expect to. I would like to come back here to spend more time exploring this very lively and tolerant city!


I had an interesting conversation with our guide a Munich resident. He claims that Munich will welcome all migrants as Munich needs young people, however he said that immigrants here do not receive any aid until they enrol in German language classes. All immigrants have to learn the language. None of the government forms are available in foreign languages, only in German. Immigrants are forced to adapt to German ways and to assimilate!

It makes sense to me!




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