We were travelling most of the night and this morning woke to find the canal banks shining with a deep frost. At last winter seems to have arrived in Europe. During the morning a gentleman came on board to give a talk on Germany today and its progress since WW11. He was an excellent speaker and it was interesting to see how a country can lift itself from devastation to prosperity.

We arrived in Bamberg around lunchtime and went ashore for a walking tour of the city. Whilst Munich is known for its sausages and beer, Bamberg is mainly known for its beer and its sour kraut There are nine major breweries in the city and numerous smaller ones.




The city is one of the few we have visited that was not damaged by war, consequently there are many original half timbered buildings and many quaint corners.

It got quite cold and damp whilst we were in the town so Iwas glad to get back to the warm ship.

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  1. drkacmaz says:

    Bamberg – heaven on earth!


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