This morning we arrived in Amsterdam which is where the cruise will end. As I have been here before I didnt go on the canal tour but opted for a walking tour of the Jordaan district.  The Jordaan district turned out to be an area of central Amsterdam that in the past was inhabited by the poor working classes. The canal houses that we usually see here belonged to the great and the good. The houses and streets we saw today were probably the slums of the past, now they are desirable(and expensive) bijou residences. Young and chic probably describes it!



There were several places where the guide took us down the narrowest of passages into inner courtyards, completely hidden from passers by.


These areas were frequently old poor houses that had been originally built for the old or infirm. Sometimes for poor widows or abandoned women. The inner courtyard originally contained communal washing and toilet facilities. Now they are precious quiet spaces in the centre of the busy city.


Sometimes as in this case still reserved for women only!

We passed Anne Frank’s house. The queue to enter stretched round the corner across a square and down the road. Those queueing were expecting at least an hours wait, in a bitter cold wind!



By 4.00p.m. it began to get dark the atmosphere of Amsterdam began to change and the wond from the North Sea began to find its way through our layers. We were glad to return to our warm Amaprima for the last night’s dinner. Packing now, I should be home by lunchtime tomorrow GW!

Next stop Delhi!

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