My flight was with Air India and if I had any reservations ( and I   did ) they were dispelled as soon as I was ushered to my seat.


I had my own little private cocoon with  a fully flat bed. I wish I could say that I slept!

There was a consederable delay in getting all of the group through immigration, add to that the traffic which in Delhi is apparently in a permanent state of gridlock and it was 2.00 p.m. before we reached the hotel.

We were all pretty tired so this afternoons planned tours were abandoned and instead we just visited this 15th century tomb. Very beautiful and we were told it was the inspiration for the Taj Mahal. One doesnt have to be aa student of architecture to see the resemblences.


No it isnt a shul, the magen dovids are actually ancientHindu symbols.


We are staying in New Delhi, no doubt I will see things differently tomorrow when we visit Old Delhi, but impressions so far are of a city with broad tree lined avenues, no obvious poverty, no significant dirt!

Outstanding impressions are of the solid traffic and the large number of military personel. Combine this with the very obvious security measures and one has to remember that this is a country at war with its neighbours!


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2 Responses to Delhi!

  1. Pam Adler says:

    Glad you had a good journey. Yet another amazing trip.mlookng forward to the next bulletin.


  2. mummycram says:

    I hope your visa was satisfactory and it wasn’t you who caused the delay


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