Goodbye De

Before leaving Delhi this mornig we visited a craft warehouse where they sold items made by Kashmiris. We were treated to a demonstration of silk carpet knotting.

The carpets were beautiful and I showed an interest in one which I thought would go rather nicely at my bedside. The hard sell which followed was so determined that I had to be rescued by one of my travelling companions. The price dropped from £2300 to £1700 and could probably have dropped much further. A rather costly souvenir no matter how far it could have dropped.

After the demonstration we flew to Udaipur. During the drive from the airport I realised that our introduction to India has been quite gentle. New Delhi was  a European city, old Delhi was a taste of India in the raw. Udaipur is the real thing. More rural, more  Indian! Cows, elephants and goats in the streets. Crowds of people everywhere,, this is a seriously overpopulated country. Scrawny dogs scavenging everywhere.

image image image image

An early start tomorrow, there is lots to see and do!

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2 Responses to Goodbye De

  1. Pam says:

    It all looks fascinating


  2. Emily says:

    Shame that you didn’t have Jeremy with you – i’m sure that he would have negotiated so that they paid you to take the carpet!!! xx


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