Today was a travelling day. We drove from Udaipur to Jaipur. It was a long drive but quite comfortable and we made several stops. In the main we were travelling through the desert of Rajasthan. Not a sandy dune kind of desert, mostly rock and scrub, although in places where it had been cultivated the crops looked to be quite green and lush.



The main crops are maize lentils and wheat. We stopped for lunch at a small family run hotel, ( think exotic Marigold).


Some wonderful family photos in the lobby.

image image

Jaipur looks like a very busy city, tomorrow should be a full and interesting day!



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2 Responses to Jaipur.

  1. arv! says:

    Nice post! Btw, Where did you have your lunch?


  2. horwichs says:

    The area was called BijayNagar and the hotel The Bijay Niwas


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