Jaipur 2

Jaipur is dominated by the Amber Fort which is a vast palace cum defensive fort that was built over several centuries by the Maharajahs of Jaipur.image image

The road up to the fort is too steep and too narrow for our coach, so we were given the choice of walk, elephant or jeep. We all fancied the elephants but when we realised that the elephant climb could take an hour we opted for the jeeps.


There was lots to see at the fort when we got there, the elephant riders were arriving,


There were crowds of tourists and we had the obligatory group photo!


Much of the fort was decorated in typical Mogul style. This was a Royal Palace for many years.




We spent quite a bit time there and afterwards we went to a textile shop, pashminas, silk scarves, saris etc. On the way wve stopped for photos of another palace in the middle of a lake.



We had lunch in the garden of the Raj Palace, a beautiful untouristy hotel.




There was yet another Palace to visit;

image image image image image

The day ended with a visit to The Observatory,


A market visit had been planned but most of us were too tired.

Not too tired to wonder whether these guys are behaving in a really strict military manner!


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