Another very busy day with an early start. We left the hotel at 8 a.m. and had a 4 hour drive to here. It was an interesting drive and I think I have worked out the local Highway Code. Mostly it is a question of size is right. Elephants have right of way everywhere. Who is going to argue with an elephant? Next cme camel wagons because camels despise the entire human race and always do as they please. Most vehicles drive on the left but if it is more convenient to drive on the right it seems OK! The important thing is to hoot your horn. I am still not sure if hooting means, ” I want to overtake”  or ” I am not goingj to let you overtake”. Sometimes it seems to mean ” Hello, I used to know your mother”.

Most of our journey was off the major routes and through minor country roads, through small rural villages.



We stopped at one place and the guide asked if we could come in to see their home. Dad ignored us continuing to eat his dinner, the women welcomed us but were very shy. They hide their faces behind their saris.




This was the roof of their home. The discs are dried cow dung which is used as fuel for cooking. Apparently the ash from the dung makes an excellent toothpaste.

Don’t knock it, you never tried it!

We arrived at our hotel about midday. It is a fairly simple lodge, not Oberoi style as we have become accustomed but perfectly acceptable. We are here for the tiger safaris and went on one this afternoon. Not a single tiger to be seen! Deer by the hundred looking much like the ones in Dunham Massey! Also lots of monkeys!

One of the monkeys was suckling her baby, another was cuddling a dead foetus, how sad is that?

We are promised tigers tomorrow, but have to be at the reserve by 6 a.m.!

Watch this space!

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  1. mummycram says:

    Btw. The Oberoi at Ranthambore is actually a tented village! Maybe not so different


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