Ranthambore 2.

Up at 5, still dark and cold! I was well prepared with umpteen layers plus my woolly hat and gloves.


It is about 5 bone shaking and bitterly cold miles to the entrance of the tiger reserve. If the vehicles had ever had springs they were long forgotten.


Once in the park we went hunting tiger. We went much deeper into the park than yesterday and were sometimes on very rough track sometimes just over rocks.




The park is really beautiful, very varied terrain, rocks, trees and streams. I would have loved to have walked around but of course that isn’t permitted. It seems there are 26 different kinds of snake in the park so walking would not be a good idea. Instead we saw from the vehicle all kinds of wild life.

image image image image

And yes we had two sightings of tigers, very distant and too far for my camera, but then you wouldnt expect a tiger to come and pose!

We say goodbye to our luggage at 6 pm today. It is going by road to Acra. We have an early start again tomorrow and shall travel by train to join our luggage, hopefully!

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  1. Pam says:

    Trip looks wonderful


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