The Taj!

We all know what the Taj Mahal looks like. The complex is actually very much bigger and busier than I imagined. The Taj itself more beautiful than I expected. The beauty lies in the inlays of marble and semi precious stones as much or perhaps more than the vision of a marble white mausoleum than we are all familiar with.



I actually found it a very sad place. It is after all a monument to grief and loneliness and this was of course what Diana the great manipulator of the press understood.

The saddest part was within the mausoleum itself where the visitors showed no respect whatsoever for either the beauty or the purpose of the monument. I declined to have a Diana photo, but just to prove Iwas actually here I attach a group photo.


We then visited a jewellers! This jeweller rather oddly is the conservator of a collection of 3 dimensional tapestries the like of which I never saw before!



The tapestries are housed in a museum and were not for sale. The jewellery however was very much for sale and as today is Valentines day there were one or two very lucky ladies in our group!


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