A turban is a very useful garment! You can of course use it to wrap your head, it makes an excellent pillow when you lie down to sleep on the road. You can sling it between two trees to make a hammock for the baby or carry baby on your back with it. In this case two were used by the porters to hold our baggage steady!image

We had a train ride and a longish drive to get to Khujaraho and it took most of the day. The following morning we visited the Hindu Temples that were lost for centuries and discovered by East India company officers in 1870. The temples were built 2000 years or so ago and being sandstone there has been some but surprisingly little damage.

The exterior surface is completely covered by the most intricate carvings. Yes, there are the famous 69 sexual positions in considerable detail, but far more of the carvings show the way of life, pictures of the courts of justice, of punishments, of war and so on. The Hindu gods Brahma, Vishnu and Ganesh are obviously also well represented.




An excellent morning!

We are now in the airport waiting for our flight to Varanasi.

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