The Other Delhi

Just received from one of our group. Photos taken in the mosque, I dont want to even think where these robes have been, but Brian is making quite a fashion statement! David Beckham please copy!


An early dinner last night and I was in bed for 9p.m. And asleep before 10.

This morning we began our tour by visiting the largest mosque in Delhi. Shoes off, but our nice guide provided us all with nylon slippers, he also prepared us to expect that all the ladies would have to cover up chin to toe in cotton robes provided by the mosque. One of the men who was wearing shorts was also swaddled in a very fetching sarong. Unfortunately I decided to economise and not pay the 300R required to use my camera. A false economy as we all looked very camera worthy. Fortunately Claire was not as mean as I so thanks to her for the above fashion shot!When we left the mosque we took a rickshaw ride through old Delhi. No one can be prepared for the sights in this part of the town. We were taken through the narrowest alleys;

In places the litter was knee deep as you can see.



We visited Mahatma Ghandi’s memorial.  A lovely peaceful park. Again we had to remove shoes and socks, but no hardship here as it was immaculately clean and well maintained.


We stopped at a restaurant for lunch and then visited the Qutub Minar, which is a collection of amazing buildings dating back to the 12th century.


The contrasts we have seen today are amazing, from families living by the roadside,


To the magnifucent Presidential Palace!



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