We had a short drive to Lucca and sadly the day began badly. The heavens opened as we arrived in this medieval walled city. image

We sheltered beneath our umbrellas, the poor guide struggled to keep us dry as we went from one church to another trying to keep dry.

I quite quickly realised that despite the city being famous for its 100 churches, it was actually a shopping town!


Some beautiful shops lined the narrow streets and soon after I abandoned the guided tour the sun came out.

Apart from the shops the town is the birthplace of Puccini and I visited a small museum in the house where he was born and lived for most of his life. His piano stands where it always stood and where he composed his operas. There were a number of the original scores and notes for some of the original performances.imageimage

Boccarini also lived and composed here and his statue stands outside the Boccarini Institute.

When we returned to Pisa one of the ladies wanted to visit the art gallery that had been closed on the Sunday when we had our guided tour. I accompanied her but was disappointed to find that the gallery was exclusively a collection of religious paintings from the 11th to 14th centuries, a subject which has previously been closed to me. Fortunately my companion turned out to be something of an expert and we spent an interesting hour as she was able to explain a lot of the symbolism.


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2 Responses to Lucca

  1. Pam Adler says:

    The trip,sounds great and love the photos. Keep them coming


  2. mummycram says:

    This sounds like an interesting day


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